From the first unbreakable windscreen of a police car to the high-tech company with unique products.


The founder of KRD Group, Gerd Brammer, had the rare gift of being able to "think around corners". He recognised problems before they occurred, developed solutions before they were requested and offered them before others did. The day the first stone was thrown at a police car was the day the new KRD was born. A motor vehicle repair shop developed into a perfectly positioned manufacturer of safety panes for police vehicles.
These were the years of great social unrest – May 1968, the visit of the Shah to Berlin, the appearance of the RAF, the growth of citizens' initiatives, protests against atomic waste transports and spectacular kidnappings, to name but a few of the highlights.

The "policeman around the corner" was a thing of the past. The police were faced with tasks for which they were not equipped. Suddenly it became clear: We have to protect not only the state under the rule of law, but also the people who protect us – the police during operations. Disastrous enemy stereotypes laden with ambivalence came into being. On the one hand, there were politics caught between conflicting perceptions, on the other the police, saddled with the job of protecting state and citizens – an almost impossible task, and in any case a thankless one.

Gerd Brammer experienced all of this as an involved observer and a technically oriented person. The tasks assigned to KRD became more diversified, time was pressing and creative solutions were needed. Police vehicles required perfect "all-round protection". The windscreen and windows could not be allowed to shatter any longer. Now the vehicle body was the weak point. Here too, Gerd Brammer quickly came up with a means of protection – puncture protection: The cavities in the area of the body were filled to protect them against impact and puncture. And so it continued. A high-performance windscreen washer system soon ensured a clear view at all times. The generously dimensioned, safe roof escape followed. And, as a logical consequence, further innovative products claiming new markets, including markets beyond the automotive sector.

In brief: The beginning of a vision – from workshop to high-tech company.
Now with two leaders at the helm. Korinna and Bernhard Brammer are carrying on the work of Gerd Brammer. New accents and broadened objectives, such as the expansion of the production facilities, characterise the entrepreneurial strategy taking the company beyond the present day and into a very promising future.

KASIGLAS® – das Multitalent

KASIGLAS® – das Multitalent

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