Highest level of safety and protection

KASIGLAS® compound

Uncompromising, extreme protection for man and material offers the highest level of safety with brilliant transparency and high economic efficiency. Developed on the basis of various plastics in the composite.

KASIGLAS® compound is used whenever better or the very best protection is required.

These may be burglar-resistant products, impact resistant or also bulletproof window panes.

One of these products for example is a multilayer ballistic helmet visor which is tested and certified against 9mm bullets.


  • Police and security services
  • Fire brigades
  • Street and rail constructions requiring noise protection
  • Banks and facilities prone to burglary, such as museums and jewellers
  • Endangered areas in or near courthouses
  • Manufacturers of forestry, construction and agricultural machines
  • Construction planners, architects for transparent room concepts
  • Trade fair construction companies, event planners, designers
  • Health centres
  • Medical technicians
  • Hotels, counters in stores, bars, restaurants, etc.


  • extreme protection against bullets, impact and breakage, comes in compound a – anti-crash and compound b – ballistic
  • optimum protection-to-weight ratio
  • highly transparent
  • impact resistant
  • resistant to high temperatures and chemicals
  • mouldable and surface protected
  • long service life
  • tried and tested in innumerable practical tests
  • excellently certified

Areas of Use

  • Police and fire brigade vehicles
  • Protective shields and helmet visors
  • Equipment for law enforcement agents
  • Shelters with communication windows
  • Passenger safety in vehicle construction
  • Military and special vehicles where good vision is required

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