For highly sensitive areas

KASIGLAS® discharge

Antistatic room components for ESD-protected working zones.

These properties are required for manufacturing machines in the microchip industry, the semiconductor industry and in all areas in which electrostatic charges must be dissipated.

KASIGLAS® discharge is therefore also suitable for use in clean rooms.




  • Planning offices which concentrate on industrial manufacturing areas
  • Project managers in clean room technology
  • Plant construction companies for special room concepts in medical technology
  • Designers of sales and storage zones in the food industry with strict hygiene standards
  • Builders of installations facing high demands for work safety (machining, whirling)


  • antistatic
  • electrically discharging
  • can have an electrically conductive coating
  • scrub-proof and abrasion resistant
  • transparent
  • can be moulded cold
  • high resistance to chemicals
  • on a PC basis, flame resistant

Areas of Use

  • Construction of clean rooms for electronics manufacture
  • Highly sensitive hospital areas
  • Disinfection-intensive room concepts
  • Construction of counters in the food industry
  • Unimpeded view of especially dangerous manufacturing processes

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