An all-rounder with many areas of use

KASIGLAS® mar-protect

High-tech coating of PC with a hard surface, abrasion resistant and impact resistant, long service life and economical.

We use a 10 mm thick material for building protection and forest vehicle windscreens and windows.

The thickness of the material makes our KASIGLAS® unbreakable and, accordingly, enables it to fulfil the strict European and North American regulations for these types of vehicles.


  • Police and security services, fire brigade
  • Forestry, construction and agricultural technicians
  • High-tech installations in industry and health care
  • Planners and project planners for protection against street and railway noise
  • Architects and urban planners
  • Designers of sports vehicles and electric vehicles
  • Security officers in transportation


  • high abrasion resistance
  • available as PC, PMMA, SAN and PPSU
  • weather resistant
  • resistant to chemicals
  • can be moulded hot and cold
  • can be edged cold
  • highly transparent and available in many colours
  • physiologically safe

Areas of use

  • Security glazing in vehicle construction for police and security services
  • Emergency vehicles for the fire brigade
  • Cabin modules for large forestry, construction and agricultural equipment
  • Glazing of gondolas and various transport units
  • Noise protection systems for streets and railways
  • Vehicles exposed to falling stones
  • Medical equipment
  • Architecture and town planning
  • Aircraft and rail vehicles
  • Yachts and cruisers
  • Design objects
  • Moulded parts for standardised safety
  • Concept cars and prototypes for automobiles of the future

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