Suitable for every special case

KASIGLAS® specials

There are numerous everyday applications that require tailor-made yet practical solutions. Our special products fill this gap. We supply tried and tested products that can be used immediately and in various ways.

Some examples are shown here.


KASIGLAS® „Graffiti Ex“

Großflächige Sprayermotive durch Folien abziehbar


  • Town planners
  • Tourism managers
  • Traffic planners
  • Architects in the urban area


  • Simple removal of graffiti without damaging the surface

Areas of Use

  • Cleaning city buildings as well as exposed facades
  • Eliminating interference with the visual perception of necessary informational systems

KASIGLAS® „Animal Stop“

Eingebauter Wild- und Vogelschutz durch eingebettete Warngitter


  • High-rise architects
  • Street and rail construction planning offices focusing on noise protection in sensitive regions


  • combined production of panel elements
  • permanent transparency
  • weather resistant

Areas of Use

  • Noise protection facilities
  • Large door and window elements
  • Facades with a high transparency requirement

KASIGLAS® RCP (Removable Cabin Protection)

Aufsetzbare PC-Vorsatzscheibe für plane und gebogene Glassysteme


  • police
  • fire brigades
  • military
  • manufacturers of construction, forestry and agricultural machines
  • manufacturers of objects that are exposed to falling stone and/or are at risk of being attacked


  • Add-on-pane can easily be removed without having to replace the original pane in the case of minor damage
  • Greater safety in comparison to laminated systems
  • Emergency vehicles retain manoeuvrability when damaged
  • Lengthens the service life of expensive bulletproof glass
  • 250 times as impact resistant as glass
  • Can be stressed independently of temperature

Areas of Use

  • Vehicles in danger zones where potential aggression is a concern
  • Construction, forestry and agricultural vehicles and equipment
  • Vehicles in areas endangered by falling stones

KASIGLAS® SDS defrosters

Die heizbare Frontscheibe: schneller eisfrei – Schneller im Einsatz


  • Federal police
  • Manufacturers of fire brigade vehicles and ambulances
  • Suppliers of emergency vehicles and snow-ploughs for winter service


  • more safety for moving vehicles
  • faster on streets and runways
  • Permanently clear vision through break-resistant and shatterproof windscreen and windows.


For all vehicles that must be equipped with safety glass.
Manufactured according to the latest standards, i.e., the windscreen and windows do not shatter, do not break, are permanently clear and can be heated.
High-tech safety with a good view.
Tested and certified.

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